"It's All About Relationships" - "It's All About Relationships"
"Train up a Child"

Proverbs 22:6

Inspired by true events

Terrance was seven years old when his parents divorced. He along with two younger sisters grew up in a home often times absent of love, yet filled with abuse as they witnessed their father beat their mother because of his drunkenness.

Years have passed and Terrance is now 14 in 8th grade and has spent the past three years in five different middle schools because of his unruly and defiant behavior.

She regrets not raising her children in the church as she was raised in the church until her rebellion. Instead she believed greatly in choosing the road most traveled, in other words over indulgence routinely on the party scene. Her own mother warned her that this could happen to her as a result of her rebelliousness.

Now the solemn words of her mother haunts her on a daily basis resulting now in her efforts to try and get Terrance into the church. Unfortunately, Terrance does not want anything to do with church or even school for that matter which is why he dropped out by 10th grade. 

 He has taken on a set of friends whom he now calls his family.
Terrance recently turned 18 and his mother makes the decision to put him out of the house because of his bad influence around his younger sisters, who are now also teenagers.

Just when you thought matters could get even worse, a surprising twist takes place in this exciting inspirational story when the power of a praying mother comes into play…….

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Continuation from the brochure …….

“Train up a Child”

Our story previously concluded with Terrance’s mother putting him out of her house at the age of 18.  She based her decision on his unruly and defiant behaviors coupled with his new associates (whom he now calls his family), along with his bad influence around his two younger sisters, who are also teenagers.

Our story continues here with a surprising positive twist just when you thought matters could get even worse!  Read on as we conclude this exciting inspirational story when the power of a praying mother comes into play…..

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