"It's All About Relationships" - "It's All About Relationships"
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October 2015

"The Power in an Apology"

Find out in this show whether there is power in making an apology when it is sincere...

"A Long Distance Relationship w/a Man Over 40 Never Married"

You really don't want to miss this show.  Join us Tuesday live at drjessewalker.com or call in at (347) 857-1769.

"Open Mic" Would You Date You?" Part 2

If you thought Part 1 was interesting, just wait until you hear Part 2 next Tuesday, October 13, 2015 at 7pm EST.

"Open Mic: Would You Date You?"

Do you ever wonder if you always have it right in your life? Do you find it difficult to deal with other people? Do others sometimes complain that you are extreme?  Do you have a hard time finding a date?  Perhaps if any of these things have been presented to you, if you think about it long enough, you may ask yourself, "Would you date you?

Join us live this Tuesday, October 6, 2015 for a show that you not want to miss.  Join us at drjessewalker.com or listen live at (347) 857-1769. 
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