"It's All About Relationships" - "It's All About Relationships"
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December 2015

"Were Men Created to Be Monogamous?"

What do you think?  Were men created to be monogamous?  Find out on Tuesday's Show what others may be saying.

"When it Comes to Cheating, Who is More Forgiving, Men or Women?"

Have you ever wondered, when it comes to cheating, who is more likely to forgive, men or women? Well find out on this week's show and you just may be surprised!

"How To Rekindle The Love Back Into Your Relationship"

Have you lost the flame in your relationship?  Well, check out this show to learn steps on how you can rekindle it.

"Strategies to Discipline Today's Youth" Part 1

Do children really need discipline?  Find out on tonight's show.

"Overcoming Obstacles to Succeed After a Breakup"

Learn the secret to overcome obstacles to succeed after a breakup join us live tonight 7pm EST.
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