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"Are Some Older Parents Simply Out of Date and Unaware?"

As a parent you may always want to think that you are aware of things that may or may not relate to your children.  It doesn't matter if your child is 3 or 33, you still want to feel as though you are in touch with the realities of life.  

Well, this may or may not be the case because some children now feel their older parents are simply out of date, behind times, or simply not in touch with the reality of this new generation.

Please join us this Tuesday, for a topic that may likely be discussed for some time in the years ahead.  

"Are You Discontent With Your Life's Direction?"

Have you ever wondered if you are on the right journey for your life?  If you have and things have not gone the way you desired, you may want to check out this show.  Join us live this Tuesday at 7pm EST at drjessewalker.com or call in live at (347) 857-1769. Please preview our E-Book, a part of Chapter One is a FREE reading.  Thank you.

Is Your Marriage/Relationship Missing Youth or Vitality?

Join us live to find out if your marriage or relationship is missing youth or vitality.

"The Ex-Connection" - A Relationship Story

“After The Passion…Now What?”
Primary Book
Chapter One
The Ex-Connection
          After a period of several months and countless nights of loneliness, Bob decided to join an internet dating service.  He viewed numerous photos with seemingly few actual matches and finally decided to communicate with a beauty whose numbers showed an 85% match.  Thus the introduction and dialogue between Bob and Sally. 
          They communicated over the net for two weeks before deciding to meet in person for a date.

"How to Make it Right When You've Messed up in Your Relationship'

This show is a must for you to listen and participate in.  Join us live Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at drjessewalker.com or call in live at (347) 857-1769.

"Are You in Control of Your Emotions - Or Are Your Emotions in Control of You?

This is a must show to listen to.  Please join us live this Tuesday 7pm EST at drjessewalker.com or drjessewalkerinc.com or listen live at (347) 857-1769.  Hope to hear from you.

"The Impact of Divorce on the Original Biological Family"

Find out how you may be able to maintain your relationship with plenty of love, joy and fulfillment.  Tune in live to the "Dr. Jesse Walker Show" 7pm EST at drjessewalker.com or call live at 7pm EST (347) 857-1769.

"Have You Been Accused of Acting Like The Man in Your Relationship?

Why do some men accuse their significant other of acting like a man in their relationships?  Find out on tonight's show and let us know just what you think.

"Does Having A Secret Lover Cause Problems in Your Relationship/Marriage?

Find out if having a secret lover can cause problems in your relationship or marriage - listen live to our show at drjessewalker.com or call in Tuesday 7pm EST at (347) 857-1769. 

"Things You Should Consider Before You Divorce"

You really don't want to miss this show.  Call in to find out live things that you should consider before you divorce.
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