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Dr. Jesse Walker

A believer in strong family/relationship ties, Dr. Walker sets out on a Ministry to preserve marriage, family, education, and relationship values from a rather practical and sometimes spiritual viewpoint. He uses his Internet Broadcast Station, "The Dr. Jesse Walker Show " as a medium to bring a message of hope in the form of educational enrichment or better yet, simply "Food for Thought."


Making A Fresh Start (Part 1): Closing an old Chapter and starting Anew"

"Making a Fresh Start (Part 2):

"Making a Fresh Start (Part 3): Getting your household in order"

"Making a Fresh Start (Part 4) Getting Your Grip on your Finances"

"Formula For A Healthy Relationship, Is There Really Such A Thing?"

"Mental Math Is It an Easier Way To Connect?"

"Careers and Relationships, Can They Really Connect?"

"Step by Step Procedures for Getting Out of Debt Legally That May Save Your Relationship"

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"What Should You Do When You Meet Your Soul-Mate?"

"Should You Choose Your God given gift/talent over a Relationship?" Part I

"Should You Give Up Your God-Given Gift/Talent For A Relationship?" Part II

"What Effect If Any, Do Our Eating Habits Have On Heart Disease and Diabetes In Our Relationships?"

"Is Your Valentine Really Your True Love?"

Could Your Relationship Be Contributing To Your Stress And High Blood Pressure? Step That May Help

"Trust Accounts And Savings Bonds Should They Be A Part of Your Relationship Portfolio?"

"Family Dynamics Are You Talking To or At Each Other? Finding a Happy and Healthy Medium

"If There is a Shadow of a Doubt about Your Love For Your Ex - Should You Move On?"

"How To Bring Closure To A Broken Relationship"

"How To Plan Your Family Estate" Special Guest: Attorney Deadra Woods Stokes

"What Are The Lessons We Learn Through The Blessings Of Having Children?"

"Could Your Memories Of Your Past Relationships Come Back To Haunt You?"

"How Should You Express Your Love For Someone?"

"Your Relationship With Your Finances - Life After Bankruptcy - Steps to Improvement"

"Is Being Separated While Married Dangerous or Healthy?"

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