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"Are You in Control of Your Emotions - Or Are Your Emotions in Control of You?" - Join us live Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Juan and Kathy
In the last two years of their three year marriage, Juan and Kathy are not seeing things eye to eye. 
For some reason, for a couple who were once inseparable things have obviously drifted apart.  Some of the reasons cited for this are a failure to find a balance within their means to communicate with each other.
In their current situation, when they make attempts to try and communicate it escalates into a major blow-out!
In spite of the fact, they have ‘rules of engagement’ to help them in their fighting, the emotional capacity they both reach during the arguments brings total resentment in terms of their feelings about each other and now is causing a destruction of their marriage.
At this point, counseling has done nothing for them which leave them now without further options except the possibility of divorce.  The only thing they got from counseling was the realization that their out of control emotions are obviously getting the best of them and causing a major issue with this couple.

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