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After The Passion... Now What?



Dear Dr. Walker,

Your book was amazing! I would rate it a A+, and would recommend it to every woman whether they are in a relationship or not. The content was so relevant and thought provoking. For those who read this book will glean valuable insight on making wise choices when embarking on new relationships.  Ms. Sparkes

“After The Passion, Now What “, is a book that is so inspiring and to the point. I found myself reading without stopping until I read the entire book. This is an amazingly, easy to read that keeps you awake and focused. I couldn’t believe how much of Dr. Walker’s short stories were related to my past experiences. I felt like he really knew me and what I have faced over the years.

If you are having relationship issues or have had relationship problems, please get this set of books. It will not only help you understand how to deal with your relationship problems but also help you face reality in being a better you. I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t benefit from reading this book.

Thank you, Dr. Walker for being so knowledgeable and caring, when it come to people and their relationships.  J. Hayes


Thank you for a timely book that searches the heart of humanity when it comes to relationships. 

Someone always need a word of encouragement in their relationship; whether it's issues in the relationship of just good advice. The basic elements of the book are central love stories expressing dramatic emotions and a desperation of a hopeful ending. Dr. Walker's relationship approach with the variety of couples identifies individuals falling in love and struggling to make it work. This book can be an aid for couples in handling problems as they occur, and understanding the opposite sex. Men and women can benefit from this book as a tool in preparing them for a more permanent relationship.  Coach BJ

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