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Dr. Jesse Walker Inc. Community Outreach

About Us

The Dr. Jesse Walker Inc. Community Outreach  is a community driven and mission based organization. Our basic initiative focus is on:

                                                                   1. Families

                                    2. Young Adults (over 18 years old)

                3. Community Support

                    4. Educational/Enrichment

        5. Spiritual Growth

How are we doing it?

Reaching out, one person at a time, in  making a difference in the lives of those who reside in underserved communities. 

Community Outreach Events


Summer Youth Program at YMCA-

The Villages at Carver 2023,  Atlanta, Ga.

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Thanksgiving Gift Card Giveaway 2023 
YMCA-The Villages at Carver, Atlanta, Ga.

Love is the Spirit of Christmas

"Christmas Giveaway Bags 2023"

Dr. Walker Partnering with Pastor Mario "Shepherd's Door Ministry"
Homeless Christmas Giveaway Bags 2023

"Christmas Love Shared at the
YMCA - The Villages at Carver"

Dr. Walker giving out Christmas bags to needy families this holiday season

Spreading Love Internationally in 2024

Dr. Walker and Ms. Candice Dela Cruz connecting with our partners in the Philippines, spreading love abroad in 2024.

Philippine church 2024.jpg

Extending love and supporting our brother and sisters at the  G12 Jesus The Foundation of Life Church in the Philippines 

Philippines thank you 2024.jpg

Pastor  Victoria and the G12 Jesus  The Foundation of Life Church sends heartfelt thanks to Dr. Jesse Walker Inc. for their love and support

Hands of Love

Ahlia Rainy Day Gift Bag.jpg

Dr. Walker and Dr. Jesse Walker Inc. Team  extending love  and  helping in time of need. Ahlia receives a "Rainy Day" gift bag to equip her with the necessary items needed during inclement weather.  

Community Awareness Event 

Healthy Kids Day at YMCA.jpg

Dr. Walker and Dr. Jesse Walker Inc. Team  once again making and difference in the community. Promoting  and ensuring our kids  are educated and informed on making healthy lifestyle changes in their lives. 

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