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Dr. Jesse Walker Inc. 

About Dr. Jesse Walker

Dr. Walker was born and raised in Miami, Florida.

He is one of nine children. His father was a laborer,

and his mother was a housekeeper.  Dr. Walker grew up

during hard times recalling the times when his mother,

as a single parent, often struggled just to make ends meet

particularly after the divorce of his parents.


A believer in strong family/relationship ties, Dr. Walker sets

out on a mission to preserve marriage, family, education,

and relationship values from a rather practical and sometimes

spiritual viewpoint.  He uses his Internet broadcast station,

 “The Dr. Jesse Walker Show” as a medium to bring a message

of hope in the form of educational enrichment or better yet simply

 “Food for Thought.”

Dr. Walker's Accomplishments:

· Licensed Ordained Minister (International Congress of

 Churches and Ministers)

· Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor (Diplomate)

· Licensed Chaplain (Diplomate)

· Licensed Clinical Christian Marriage & Family Therapist &

  Counselor (Diplomate)

· Licensed Clinical Professional Christian Therapist (Diplomate)

· Licensed Clinical Christian Domestic Violence Therapist

· Licensed Christian Drug & Alcohol Substance Abuse Therapist

· Christian Life Coaching (Certified)

· Spiritual Consultant

· Relationship Consultant

· Educational Consultant

· Business Owner: Dr. Jesse Walker Inc.

· Business Consultant

· Certified Debt Specialist

· Educator

· Radio Show Host

· Inspirational/Motivational Speaker

·Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Studies (emphasis: Human Science/Theo-   centric Psychology

· JD – Law Degree

· MS – Educational Computing & Technology

· LLM – Intercultural Human Rights Law

·BS–Bachelor’s in Science in Business Administration 


Dr. Jesse Walker Inc.

Our business is established on the belief in providing the highest quality of integrity and dignity to each individual we service. With that in mind, we are committed to making our customers' needs of the utmost importance.


Our entire team is dedicated and committed to meeting or exceeding the needs of the customers we serve. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers as well as referrals.


Emphasis is placed on our Internet Broadcast Show "The Dr. Jesse Walker Show" and our Life Coaching services that are geared to assisting individuals, groups, families and others in improving or achieving their goals.

Dr. Jesse Walker Inc featuring the following: 


"The Dr. Jesse Walker Show" 

Learning about Relationships - Life Coaching

Learning about Educational Tools

Learning about Spirituality - God - Education - Radio Shows - Ministry

Couples - Marriage - Divorce - Significant other

Coping with problems Passion and Romance

Relationship Help/Self Improvement Check out my book: "After the Passion, Now What?"


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