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Dr. Jesse Walker

A believer in strong family/relationship ties, Dr. Walker sets out on a Ministry to preserve marriage, family, education, and relationship values from a rather practical and sometimes spiritual viewpoint. He uses his Internet Broadcast Station, "The Dr. Jesse Walker Show " as a medium to bring a message of hope in the form of educational enrichment or better yet, simply "Food for Thought."


"Methods to Avoid Overspending During The Holiday Season To Minimize Problems in Your Relationship"

"Discovering Your Blessings Through The Gift of Giving"

"Marriage and Family "

"A Financial Check up For Your Relationship"

"Do You Always Know When Your Significant Other is Cheating?"

"How To Show Love In Your Relationships During The Holiday Season Despite Your Differences"

"Making New Year's Resolutions That Could Improve Your Relationship"

"The Importance of Bringing In The New Year With Your Significant Other"

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"Tips To Jumpstart Your Relationship In A Brand New Year"

Identifying Resources to Improve your Family and Relationship

"Is The Clutter In Your Mind Keeping You From Making Good Decisions In Your Relationship?"

"Should Parents Still Try To Raise Their Adult Children?"

"I Got Dumped, How Do I Get My Significant Other Back?"

"The Stages of A Relationship That You Really Should Know About Before You Make A Commitment"

"Effectuating Change in Your Life Through Spiritual Inspiration"

"My Significant Other Cheated Should I Give Him/Her Another Chance?"

"Which Is Better Married Life or Single Life?

"Your 1/2 Hour Inspirational Hour - Your Moment To Be Inspired"

"Your 1/2 Hour Inspirational Hour - Your Moment To Be Inspired"

When It Comes To Your Relationship Is Your Extended Family or Your Significant Other Your Priority?

"Six Hearts That Beat As One A Single Mom's Perspective"

"Your 1/2 Hour Inspirational Show - Effectuating Immediate Change In Your Life"

"Why Are Relationships So Complicated?"

"Is It Possible You Could Cause or Contribute To Your Significant Other Cheating?"

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