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Dr. Jesse Walker

A believer in strong family/relationship ties, Dr. Walker sets out on a Ministry to preserve marriage, family, education, and relationship values from a rather practical and sometimes spiritual viewpoint. He uses his Internet Broadcast Station, "The Dr. Jesse Walker Show " as a medium to bring a message of hope in the form of educational enrichment or better yet, simply "Food for Thought."


"Susana Finds Love In Bankruptcy Court"

"Your Body and Your Health in Your Relationship"

"Alternative Methods For Healing In Association With Your Relationship"

"How Do You Know If You Are Really In Love"

"Susana Finally Makes A Decision About Her Finances and Her Relationship"

"Could Too Much Independence Cause Additional Problems In Your Relationship?"

"How to Know When Your Significant Other Is Not All That Into You"

"What Should You Do When You Run Out of Things to Talk About In Your Relationship?"

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"Susana Makes A Fresh Start Alone as She Pursues Steps To Economic Freedom"

"Should It Really Matter What Your Significant Other Look Like?"

"Do Relationships Often Times Need Reassurance?"

"Would You Allow Your Spouse or Significant Other To Sleep With Someone Else For A Price?"

"Does It Really Matter How Much A Person Loves You If You Are Not Ready to Receive Their Love?"

"Are You So Caught Up Into The Routine Of Living That You Are Taking Your Relationship For Granted?"

"Susana Finds Help With Her Personal And Financial Life"

"What Are The Dangers In Ignoring Romantic Gestures From Your Significant Other?"

"When It Comes To Love, Does Everybody Really Play The Fool?"

"What Causes Some Relationships To Be So Difficult?"

"Susana Explores Select Trust Accounts For Her Family"

"Some Reasons That May Turn Love Off In Your Relationship"

"Managing Stress With Your Family And Your Household"

"Are You Open To A Marriage or Relationship of Convenience?"

"Susana Accepts Her Single Life and Learns About Various Trust Accounts"

"Should You Marry Someone Who Has Been Married Two or More Times?

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