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Dr. Jesse Walker

A believer in strong family/relationship ties, Dr. Walker sets out on a Ministry to preserve marriage, family, education, and relationship values from a rather practical and sometimes spiritual viewpoint. He uses his Internet Broadcast Station, "The Dr. Jesse Walker Show " as a medium to bring a message of hope in the form of educational enrichment or better yet, simply "Food for Thought."


"How Does God Show His Love and Affection for Us?"

"What Is The Meaning Behind, Falling in Love With Me?"

"Is Falling In Love With Myself Offensive to God?"

“What Does It Mean To Be A True Friend?”

“Can You Be A Friend of God’s?”

"Should You Continue to Help Someone/Others Who Are Ungrateful/Unappreciative?"

"When We Complain, Are We Showing/Demonstrating Our Ungratefulness to God?"

"Can A Relationship Successfully Survive Without Love, Romance, And Affection?"

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"How Does God Show His Love and Affection for Us?"

"You Can't Force Love it's About Compatibility and Chemistry"

"What Are The Components/Elements For a Successful Relationship/Marriage?"

"Does Your Relationship/Marriage Reflect a Christ-like Attitude/Behavior?"

"If I Can't See My Own Faults, How Do I Know If/When I've Done Wrong?"

"Why Can't See Model Christ/Look Beyond Man's Faults and See Our Human Needs?"

"How Do I Think Before I Act in Doing Something Stupid/Later Regret?" PT1

"Can/Will God Help Me To Think Before I Do Something Stupid or Later Regret?"

"Is/Are Other People Personal Business Really Your Business?"

"Is Our Personal Business Really God's Business Even With Our Free-Will?"

"Is There Anything Wrong w/Spoiling Yourself or Being Spoiled by Others?" Part 2

"As God Has Blessed You Does He Expect You to Be A Blessing to Others?"

"Letting Go of Your Past and Starting Anew"

"The Power to Believe in Yourself and Trust God Moving Fwd in A Brand New Year"

"New Year, New Beginnings, But Are You The Same Old You?"

"Can You Really Motivate or Inspire Your Spouse or Anyone?"

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